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Experience Report - Use ATDD to build customers that care

Few years back I worked on very challenging project for energy industry. Project was around scheduling and routing natural gas across the country. My coworkers Sam Hotop, Jeffrey Davidson and I wrote an experience report on our work. We also had an opportunity to speak at several conferences regarding same.

The report is around how to use Acceptance Tests Driven Development to solve analytically challenging problems. The report also mentions other practices that we followed as a team. We were a very successful team due to those practices and I am proud to say that we were able to provide great value to our client.

You can find the report here - Using ATDD to build customrs that care. I hope it helps people who are working with similar problem and with similar constraints.

Any feedback is appreciated as well. I will be working on adding comment section to my blog in next couple of weeks so its easier to get back to me. Thanks

– Lav