Lav Pathak

Hello, my name is Lav Pathak. Thank you for visiting my website. As a developer I have experience in lead, principal and manager level roles.
Most of my experience is in Java, C#, Javascript and Ruby tech stacks. I have been learning Go and Elm on side as well.
I enjoy working on software architecture & design full-stack applications. Machine learning, AR and VR are the other topics that pique my interest. I am a successful leader in software industry with 15 years of experience in developing software applications within various verticals and complexities. I focus on driving successful digital transformation and cloud adoption initiatives through the use of lightweight, robust processes and methodologies such as Evolutionary Architecture, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, TDD and Agile. I have proven track record of building large, distributed, motivated engineering teams and managing complex projects under budget through the principles of servant leadership. I Strive to excel in partnering and collaborating with peers across organizations, developing strategies together and fostering positive relationships. I am seeking to utilize my skills and attributes in a fast- paced organization.
I am also a recreational golfer and a comic book nerd. I enjoy traveling with my wife and daughter. I am currently based in Phoenix area.
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